Nixie Soft Chandelier (PO365)

Nixie Soft Chandelier (PO365)

Material Body : Premium Glass

Pilihan Warna : Pink Pastel, Biru Pastel, Hijau Pastel

Tinggi total : 60cm

Tinggi Kabel : 30cm

Tersedia dalam beberapa pilihan Bulb

5 Bulb : 2.000.000

6 Bulb : 2.300.000

8 Bulb : 2.800.000

10 Bulb : 3.400.000

12 Bulb : 4.000.000

8+4 Bulb : 4.500.000

10+5 Bulb : 5.500.000

12+6 Bulb : 6.500.000


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What is the warranty?

Hatch Coolers offers a better warranty than any of our competitors… and you don’t have to register your cooler. We offer a limited lifetime warranty on the inside liner and top zipper of our coolers. Read all about it here:

How long will my Hatch Cooler hold ice?

With the proper amount of ice a Hatch Cooler can hold ice up to 24 hours in 100 degree heat. Make sure to read over our helpful hints for tips on how to improve ice retention.

How should I clean the exterior of my cooler?

Use water, mild soap and a medium to hard scrub brush to remove stains

How can I clean the inside liner of my cooler?

For tough odors or stains, use a mixture of water and mild soap with a medium to stiff scrub brush.

Can I get my company logo on a Hatch Cooler?

Yes, We can customize your cooler. Send us an email to or give us a call at 423-392-4788 and we can get a quote started.

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